All music tuition conducted by James Flores includes not only instrumental study but also music theory, sight reading, aural training and performance skills.



Learn to play the piano with James in a supportive environment where the focus is on the student's individual development and is tailored to their needs. With James' experience in over a decade of piano performance and through completion of many examinations himself, he has much knowledge to impart in many aspects of musical interpretation, education and development. Learn more >



The organ and piano have certain similarities but they also have many differences. The organ can be studied as both a performance and a liturgical instrument. The wide variety of tonal colours, sound/pitch levels and the ability to play with your feet are just some of things you can discover learning the organ. There is plenty of exciting organ literature by the great composers to experience. Under normal circumstances, students require a Grade 4-5 standard of keyboard skills before learning the organ. Learn more >

Theory of music


Theory of music is an essential component to learning any musical instrument. All instrumental lessons include a theory component but it is recommended that a student attend group classes for further development. James ensures that even beginner students can find theory rewarding! Learn more >