Music Analysis – Theoretical study guides

Ross Hamilton’s analytical notes have been around ever since I worked my way through AMEB exams. More than a decade later, it has been my absolute pleasure combining my interests in IT and music to help create his new site Music Analysis with Leysa Flores Design!

This new website offers:

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Sheet Music Online

For all sheet and music book purchases, please use the following search facility below. Some music may be instantly available for download and printing as PDFs.




AMEB Aural Tests Training

Preparation for aural tests should be treated just as carefully as technical work, sight reading and general knowledge.

Developing a good ear is important for musical development. As you progress through the graded system, you will be required to display an awareness of  rhythm, pitch, intervals, triads and cadences.

Click on the Aural Tests book to become familiar with the requirements using the compiled video playlist for your respective grade.



AMEB Piano Technical Work Practice Sheets

Do you need an easy way to keep track of the scales you have to practise?

These AMEB Piano Technical Work Practice Sheets will help students keep track of all the technical work required for the AMEB Piano examination syllabus. The required material is laid out neatly into tables, allowing the student or teacher to tick the box when the item has been completed or practised.

The following sheets below are available for instant download after purchase.
Additional sheets will appear as they become available.

AMEB Grade 2 Piano for Leisure Technical Work 2017

AMEB Grade 4 Piano Technical Work 2017

AMEB Grade 5 Piano Technical Work 2017

AMEB Grade 6 Piano Technical Work 2017

Happy Birthday arranged for Piano

You play the piano but can’t play Happy Birthday?

How many times have you been at a party and you’re asked to play Happy Birthday? Sure, we all know the tune and we could bash it out on the piano but wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple, memorisable, yet effective arrangement to keep everyone in tune? Download this arrangement below.

Happy Birthday (Traditional) 

AMEB Examinations

Information and select recordings of pieces in the AMEB Piano for Leisure Grade 1, Series 1 publication.






St Cecilia Examinations

Information and complete recordings of all pieces in the St Cecilia Piano Grade 1 publication.






Con Brio Examinations

James Flores Music Studio reviews the new online examination system, Con Brio Examinations.