Beginner, Junior and Preliminary Grades

The St Cecilia School of Music Examinations is an innovative and refreshing exam board which encourages the development of musicians from the humblest of beginnings—no matter their age. Often the first exam experience begins at around 2-3 years of study and can be very nerve racking. St Cecilia has designed these pre-grade examinations around a positive exam experience as well as an accurate and fair assessment of their skills. You will discover that the material required for these examinations largely correspond with many popular teaching methods as well as providing a holistic music course of study through technical work, musicianship, repertoire, general knowledge and aural training.

Preparing for exams have many benefits such as:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Developing a broad range of musical skills
  3. Performance experience
  4. Receiving constructive feedback
  5. Attaining formal recognition of achievement

Below you will find quick links to my personally recommended resources required at these levels.
The syllabuses are available for free download at the St Cecilia Syllabuses page.

Beginner Grade